Website Policy & Information checklist

Once you have read the Student Handbook, available in the "Policies" tab of the menu bar on each page of this website, you should be able to complete the following checklist – ensuring that you can fully maximise the successful completion of your programme. If you are unable to confidently check each of the items, or if you feel you need further information or explanation, please do not hesitate to contact the College on (02) 9987 2322 or 

✔ I am aware of the courses offered and am able to confidently select the programme most suitable to my needs

✔ I understand the course outline and the credential that I will receive on completion of my selected programme

✔ I recognise that pathways between programmes exist, and that I can access further career development information from the College

✔  Completing the enrolment form in full enables the College to form a student profile that will assist in maximising my learning. I understand that all information provided is subject to the Federal Privacy legislation and is confidential               

✔ I understand how payment occurs, how fees are protected and the College refund policy understand that all information provided is subject to the Federal Privacy legislation and is confidential        

✔ I understand that all learning materials are provided online through resource material, reading and research guidelines. 

✔ I am aware that should I require tutorial support, mentoring or assistance with sourcing research material that the College can provide this assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

✔ I understand how assessment occurs and that I will be assessed either competent or Not Yet competent

✔ I understand how to submit assessments, and that I can resubmit assessments without an extra marking fee

✔  I understand that all work I submit must be my own work and that I am required to agree to the terms and conditions of submission. Should I submit work that is not my own, I realise I will be unenrolled from the programme without refund.

✔  I am aware that Recognition of Prior Learning is available and I understand how the process works

✔  I am aware that I am able to appeal any assessment result and that an appeals process is in place for me to do this in a confidential and transparent manner.

✔  I understand that the College has a student contact strategy in place, in order to monitor and assist my learning

✔  I understand that I have complete access to my records at all times and I am aware of the process in place to enable this access          

✔  I am aware that the College implements access and equity strategies and is able to provide reasonable adjustment to my learning processes should I feel that I am being disadvantaged               

✔  I am aware that the College operates within the guidelines of anti-discrimination legislation

✔  If I require any support with my learning, or if I am having any difficulties I understand that the College has strategies in place to either assist me, or guide me to the most appropriate avenue for assistance. I recognise that I have a responsibility to alert the College to any potential support I may require, prior to enrolment.       

✔  I understand there is a complaints process in place and that I can utilise this at any stage of enrolment.  I am aware that all complaints must be in writing and that The College will follow up in a timely manner to ensure the most appropriate action.        

✔  I understand from 1 January 2015, NSW Real Estate Training College, can be prevented from issuing you with a nationally recognised VET qualification or statement of attainment when you complete your course if you do not have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).  

✔  Privacy Statement & Student Declaration

I declare that the information I provide to the best of my knowledge is true and correct. I understand that my RTO, NSW Real Estate Training College, is required to submit data sourced from this enrolment form to the national VET administrative collection as a regulatory reporting requirement as per the College Privacy Policy

Last modified: Monday, 18 February 2019, 11:50 PM